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  • Mr. Black Killer

    In Power of Oscar Grant

    It seems to me
    the only moment of silence
    we will ever receive is in death.
    Family trees decay with each lost breath.
    Another murder scene drowned out by mothers’ screams,
    Tainted black!
    Binded to a million souls of hopes unseen and things yet to come.

    He lays on blood unscripted
    black paved concrete,
    payin a price for life.
    Conformed to reality, souls are transformed
    by cowards in uniforms, instead of God each day.

    Justice in a feudalistic system,
    What’s the odds?
    We are casualties of a war unspoken.
    Modern day slaves demanding things to change
    and they pick us like fruit.
    It’s far past strange!

    and no matter how much failure
    you try to pump in our veins
    we remain;
    arriving on the wings of success,
    kissing her with each breath.
    You see Mr. Black Killer,
    no matter how much you try
    to enslave us, you can’t cage us.
    Oscar’s blood you shed, won’t be in vain,
    restrained to your iniquities you’ll remain!

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  • Diaspora

    I feel trapped like spirits of selves who left middle passage hell.
    And held their breath until death was upon them.

    Like their souls, I am in between
    stuck in what’s become obsolete.

    Stuck in lost culture, lost past,
    lost in a Diaspora’s middle passage.

    Where slavery wasn’t outlawed it was an economical bypast
    and this diaspora doesn’t only apply to Jews
    Sankofa, Ma-fa, Maat
    which one you want to choose

    we had a holocaust, the black holocaust
    where our people was passed and passed through at a low cost

    and young black African boys
    whites, Arab, and Chinese
    their penis they would chop off, taking away their manhood

    leaving our children of today with confusion
    and dissolution
    conquer and divide that was their scheme

    slavery at that time was supposed to be black peoples’ fate
    and even today prompted as our fate

    walkin around with invisible chains new age slaves
    pushing the word nigga into our new age slang
    disaster, disheveled, dismissed

    from royalty, Kings and Queens
    who with the devil the forcely kissed
    snatched stolen and sold women, men, the young and the old
    the poets, the artist, the mathematician

    brainwashing us of ancient Kemet
    destiny spent destiny forced
    to re-vibe, rebirth
    and like nature’s law, we rebuild
    with new dances, new culture
    new religion, new dishes
    how you think gumbo came into fences

    accepting all the master’s new scraps
    and yea we did that and not only did we stop at that

    and even though our exploitation and bloodshed
    is what colonialism was built on

    i refuse to let that give me a reason not to push on
    i won’t be creaming about the white man’s boot

    because i know can’t nobody hold you down but you
    and i won’t let my mother being a crack head i never knew

    nor how i went through group homes and foster homes
    barely making it through as an excuse

    neither should you
    cause like i said before can’t nobody hold you down but you

    its a double sided coin
    you’ll find yourself feeling trapped

    time and time again but we’re the future of this crazy world we live in
    and by any means necessary we’ll keep strivin for a better livin

    making blueprints on thee impressionable
    imprints of life never will be turn from our God given right

    nor be snatched away from our internal light
    it’s time to get up from trippin off of tangible things

    like how good a shorty look in those jeans
    or how hard a brother can swang that thang
    but elevating our mind to new things

    the diaspora, the gateway to this crazy world we live in and even tho
    i’ll feel trapped time and time again, never will i give in.

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  • Divinity Pt. 1

    Do you swear to tell the truth?
    The whole whole truth,
    nothing but the truth, so help you God?
    I do.
    I’ve watched liars place right hands on bibles,
    speaking fraudulent truths to the masses,
    while revolutionaries pour life onto deaf ears
    Revealing light to the blind.

    You see anyone can be awakened,
    but no amount of truth or noise
    will awaken someone pretending to be sleep.
    I shed these poems like reckless bullets shed blood onto Oakland streets,
    arrested mentally.

    So strip me,
    strip me of my impurities down to my core.
    Tell my third eye to speak;
    cleanse my womb for it’s been defiled.
    Blessings and curses flow from our mouths like rivers.
    My words create streams
    of life or death.
    So hold my tongue until its only haste is to speak truth.

    Cuz’ now days the truth is getting punked;
    liars rising boulder beyond measures,
    contingent upon closet skeletons,
    saturated in darkness.
    Flick a light switch,
    so the truth can shine bright.

    This poem is for young girls birthed of tomb wombs,
    convinced that they are nothing more
    than black drops,
    left to water seeds for a harvest that will never grow.

    You see, I was held by my mother’s crack pipe tears;
    held in my fathers fears
    and although she left way before may,
    never to see my flowers bloom in June,
    I was held by the spirit of Oshun.

    You see, new seeds begin with me,
    because pressure burst pipes or what diamonds are made of.

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  • How to Kindle a Silent Violence

    There has been a silent violence kindling in my family tree for years,

    decaying its leaves leaving a lineage of don’t tells.

    Unfolding secrets that are too heavy for tongues

    but they insist on being quite,

    Afraid at the possibility of speaking things into existence

    sight lines visible to invisible illnesses,

    in my family no one talks about the obvious.

    I try to convenience them that silence will not rid you of the
    responsibility Of life or living.

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  • Victorious

    Lustful passion birthed you
    hold you and mold you
    so it would be a lie said
    if said if i said
    i never seen the cum coming
    before i came and laid in that bed

    that night seamen dripped unsureness and insecurities
    life wrapped in irresponsibility
    body changing with seasons
    womb for what’s to beheld

    not ready for what’s to behold
    life changing by the minute
    not recognized in a day
    looking back on then, now i can honestly say

    i thank God for not using protection that day
    Nassor, baby let me tell you the truth
    before your name was ever Victorious
    you were nails biting, soul fighting

    heart racing
    mind feeling guilty
    it was your life i was thinking of erasing
    sitting in a clinic waiting for my name to be called
    feet pacing hallways asking God for a sign
    i found truth in the essence of that time

    I pressed the elevator button
    decided killing you wasn’t worth my time
    not worth my soul

    now in the completion of whole
    to the almighty, you i behold
    wouldn’t change it for the world
    you see no one is perfect

    but your the most perfect imperfection
    if I’ve ever seen one
    so now i name you Nassor
    Cause Victorious you are!