Send Jazz to the PI: Donate Now!

About three years ago I got involved with a nonprofit organization out of Hayward, CA called Soulciety.

I auditioned for their talent showcase Empower.

Being apart of the show changed my life! It opened my eyes to a larger world of issues, helping me realize just how much my talent and voice could change the world. Now I have another chance to work with Soulciety, this time teaching creative arts workshops and performing, while providing guidance, resources and inspiration to impoverished youth in the Philippines! And I need your help fundraising. The fundraising goal for each mentor is $3000. We will be purchasing the airline tickets by mid-November, meaning each mentor needs to fundraise $1,200 by then. I understand that it’s gonna be a hard push with time being limited , but with the support of my community and friends I know impossible is nothing. Please spread the word to your friends and followers. If you want more info you can visit

Whatever you can give is immensely appreciated! Thank you in advance!


PLEASE NOTE: All donations are tax-deductible, also when making donations under memo on Pay Pal put Jazz Hudson. If you want more info or to donate you can visit Whatever you can give is immensely appreciated! Thank you in advance!


The Bridge is an overseas program coordinated by Soulciety to give talented young adult mentors from the Bay Area an opportunity to provide guidance, resources and inspiration to impoverished youth in different parts of the world. The program began in the Philippines and continues to grow there, as the youth are in dire need of support:

We were able to donate the following directly to the schools: 100 fully-functioning Pentium II+ computers, 8000 school materials, 7000 hygiene supplies, 7000 books, 800 pairs of shoes, and boxes of medicine, clothes, sports equipment and other materials.

We will be traveling back to the Philippines this January 2012 to help provide relief aid to youth and schools that are heavily affected by poverty, abuse and neglect. Young adult mentors from the Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children by teaching educational workshops and providing support and resources.Donations can be made at and are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!

The Bridge is a program that enriches the lives of impoverished youth overseas by providing education, resources, and inspiration. We donate much needed materials and technology including computers, books, and school supplies for a more effective education. We give them medical and hygiene supplies for better health. We also provide free creative arts workshops including breakdancing, hip-hop and poetry to help expand their appreciation and knowledge of the arts, as well as sports workshops including baseball and basketball.

The mentors that join the trip are immersed in a different culture and are given the opportunity to appreciate its traditions, people and food. They are exposed to the beauty of the place as well as the ugly truth of its poverty. They learn about the world and they come back with a better perspective about their own life.

A defining moment for the program is when we visited a village in Pampanga, known to be a hot spot for child trafficking. The children in this village lacked the necessities for a good education or a healthy life. They don!t have books or school supplies. Their diet consists of only a potato-like vegetable and rarely get to eat rice or meat. We donated computers, food, clothes, school materials, and hygiene supplies. After our trip, one of the children we reached passed away from a parasitic worm in his stomach. His family was not able to purchase the medicine that could have saved his life. In learning this, we sponsored the medicine for all 108 children in this school, many of whom were experiencing similar symptoms. We are no longer just changing lives, we are now saving lives as well.


Soulciety is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers youth and young adults by helping to develop their creativity and leadership skills, and get them engaged in community service. When we invest in the future and creative growth of our youth, they are more motivated to transform their lives and the lives of others in their community.


  1. Reach over 15,000 youth in 6 provinces throughout the Philippines by providing support and supplies to further their education and improve their health.
  2. Refurbish and donate 200 fully-functioning Pentium III+ computers to schools in the barrios (provinces) of the Philippines. Many of these students have never seen a computer or have experienced the Internet. This will provide them a world of information.
  3. Donate school materials, hygiene supplies, clothes, toys, medicine and food to impoverished youth in the barrios.
  4. Teach performing arts workshops including break dancing, hip-hop, singing, beat boxing, and poetry to over 5,000 youth.
  5. Teach sports workshops including basketball and baseball to over 500 impoverished youth. Donate over 100 basketballs, baseballs, gloves, bases, and other sports equipment.
  6. Build a windmill in a village in Iloilo that will continuously bring fresh and clean water directly into the village. This will help to increase good health and decrease disease amongst the villagers.
  7. Provide 20 young adults from the Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York the opportunity to teach performing arts, sports and technology to youth in the Philippines.
  8. Collaborate with organizations that share similar goals to strengthen the project’s mission and provide more resources to overseas impoverished youth.