Jazz Hudson is a beautiful poet gracing stages, providing consciousness to her listeners by sharing her perspective about the issues of today’s society, while attracting them to her words of wisdom and life-altering experiences. She uses her words as a catalyst to raise awareness of the detestable acts of the unconscious mind and how it can be crippling to those who accept fraudulence as their truth to live by.

She often expresses the importance of agape love of self and others, while speaking of the transition on reaching this heightened state of mind to exist in a society such as this. She allows her words to resonate in the minds of those who sip from her cup of truth to be taken with awe by its lessons of trial and error. She allows her poetry to depict the wonders of the world, taking the audience on a journey through the miles of Jazz!

Read Jazz’s poetry here.

The first time I ever saw this talented woman perform, her words were captivating, her energy was amazing, as she painted stories with scripture and rubbed her pregnant belly. She is dope. Since then I have seen her perform at countless events and I am always immensely impressed. Some people’s spirit shines through so beautifully when they bless a mic. No matter if she is spitting poetry, teaching a workshop, or singing like song birds do, she brings love, grace, and phenomenal talent to everything she does.