Jasmine “Jazz” Hudson could be best described as a modern day rebel who has a good cause… Her punch in your face poetic words deliver an empowering message that has managed to cause quite a riot. In her young career, this single mother, community activist, poet, writer and actress brings to her audience a “Tour de Force” of words that announces the harsh realities of growing up in America and the ongoing struggles that many of today’s youth are still facing, particularly those in the black communities.
Alexandra Juryte

Jazz travels around the country presenting workshops to at-risk teens to make them critical thinkers of the decisions they make, and how those decisions will affect their lives. She is known to break through barriers of the most hard-hearted youth to help them deal with internalized issues that are central to their personal development.

She creates a platform and safe place for young people to openly express how they feel, while working to acknowledge the reasons why they may feel the way they do. Her tactics to reach people are harmless, yet thought-provoking. She uses her own experiences to allow them to see that we all have flaws and hidden trauma that we don’t readily address.

Jazz is one of the most effective speakers of this generation; helping many youth heal from past experiences in the midst of giving them knowledge to utilize has become her weapon of choice. Facilitating workshops and sister circles is her expertise. Her words help to build leaders out of many; transforming the lives of our generations and those to come has been her passion, ever since being a young girl!


Jazz is available for in-class, after school, or conference workshops.

Past topics covered by Jazz include: