Recently I had the pleasure of featuring in this short film Zincgraff, written and directed by San Franciso based filmmaker Lino Brown, his fourth short film in three years, which deals with, as Brown says, “a reclusive and hallucinative painter manages to hold onto the memories and momentum of his dearest mate just long enough to conclude his portrait of her. An internal exploration of a relationship and the timeline of dissolution & empathy, thus begging the question of “What are the stories behind a painter’s paintings?”

The filmmaker’s own personal experience shapes his view and approach to his films. Born and raised in Cameroon, Brown came to the U.S. as a teenager just seven years ago, and he says that his latest film is “a collective of my experiences, shared conversations and memories. A modest tribute to a culture and story I had almost forgotten.” Check out the trailer and tell me what you think! https://vimeo.com/48730820



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