Day 9 The Bridge Program

The Bridge 2012

Day 9 – San Enrique Elementary School
Soulciety Mentors were more than ready to perform after a 2-hour drive to the school.  We arrived at the school, we prepared for our performance, waiting in classrooms decorated with very vibrant messages about saving the earth and keeping it clean. We put on an amazing performance for 500 students.  After our performance we taught our workshops-with only 8 mentors and 500 students I’m not to sure how we managed to pull it off.
I taught a poetry workshop on Haiku’s to the 5th and 6th grade students. The topics were on Love and Life. For most of the students in my class it was their first time writing poetry, for all of the students it was their first time writing and learning about Haiku’s.
As a class we wrote 2 group Haiku’s and 4 of the girls wrote there own. It was such and inspiration to hear the girls explain their dreams and heart desires in few words.
After my workshop the children proceeded to the stage to present in front of the school, as we formed ourselves on the stage my group chanted, “Team work makes a dream work!”
Today was a milestone in the trip for me – teaching the kids of San Enrique Elementary another way to express themselves.  As a token of gratitude the grandmother of one of the students presented me with a hand made necklace. Although she spoke little English it went to show how poetry can communicate before it is understood.
 As this trip goes on the term,”Live life to the fullest” seems to be a recurring theme for me. In the past 2 weeks I have been very blessed and privileged to experience what would take a whole life time for some people.
For the girls in my poetry class…
Up here you can watch the mountains kiss the clouds,

sun rising to greet the ocean.

This is what breathing looks like.

Sugarcane smiles playing in rice fields,

hearts wrapped in God.

A million hands upward in applause

this is my expression of love for you.

Children of the sun we are fading fast in this world

backs bending from the weight we carry under our feet,
heavy but not broken
bamboo spines aren’t meant to break

There are those who came before you paved way for your greatness to shine through

Jose Rizal, Lapu Lapu
both fought and died  for your reflection to remain pure

You are the awakening of your ancestors past

Malakas strong like the heart beats that formed this land

it is our responsibility to imagine change, transform dreams into reality

and live ever on Mabuhay!
Mahal Kita

I Love You Peace..

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