Lustful passion birthed you
hold you and mold you
so it would be a lie said
if said if i said
i never seen the cum coming
before i came and laid in that bed

that night seamen dripped unsureness and insecurities
life wrapped in irresponsibility
body changing with seasons
womb for what’s to beheld

not ready for what’s to behold
life changing by the minute
not recognized in a day
looking back on then, now i can honestly say

i thank God for not using protection that day
Nassor, baby let me tell you the truth
before your name was ever Victorious
you were nails biting, soul fighting

heart racing
mind feeling guilty
it was your life i was thinking of erasing
sitting in a clinic waiting for my name to be called
feet pacing hallways asking God for a sign
i found truth in the essence of that time

I pressed the elevator button
decided killing you wasn’t worth my time
not worth my soul

now in the completion of whole
to the almighty, you i behold
wouldn’t change it for the world
you see no one is perfect

but your the most perfect imperfection
if I’ve ever seen one
so now i name you Nassor
Cause Victorious you are!