The Bridge Program: Jazz Hudson Goes to the Philippines

About three years ago I got involved with a nonprofit organization out of Hayward, CA called Soulciety.

I auditioned for their talent showcase Empower.

Being apart of the show changed my life! It opened my eyes to a larger world of issues, helping me realize just how much my talent and voice could change the world. Now I have another chance to work with Soulciety, this time teaching creative arts workshops and performing, while providing guidance, resources and inspiration to impoverished youth in the Philippines! And I need your help fundraising. The fundraising goal for each mentor is $3000. We will be purchasing the airline tickets by mid-November, meaning each mentor needs to fundraise $1,200 by then. I understand that it’s gonna be a hard push with time being limited, but with the support of my community and friends I know impossible is nothing. Please spread the word to your friends and followers. If you want more info you can visit, or read about the event here.

Whatever you can give is immensely appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


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