Mr. Black Killer

In Power of Oscar Grant

It seems to me
the only moment of silence
we will ever receive is in death.
Family trees decay with each lost breath.
Another murder scene drowned out by mothers’ screams,
Tainted black!
Binded to a million souls of hopes unseen and things yet to come.

He lays on blood unscripted
black paved concrete,
payin a price for life.
Conformed to reality, souls are transformed
by cowards in uniforms, instead of God each day.

Justice in a feudalistic system,
What’s the odds?
We are casualties of a war unspoken.
Modern day slaves demanding things to change
and they pick us like fruit.
It’s far past strange!

and no matter how much failure
you try to pump in our veins
we remain;
arriving on the wings of success,
kissing her with each breath.
You see Mr. Black Killer,
no matter how much you try
to enslave us, you can’t cage us.
Oscar’s blood you shed, won’t be in vain,
restrained to your iniquities you’ll remain!